Visit Fiji's Bird Island


Lieing 12 nautical miles east of Nananu-i-ra, Bird Island (or Vatu-i-ra) is a remote rocky outcrop supporting an incredible array of marine and avian life.  Perfect for a day trip, the boat ride to the island takes about an hour and is a highlight in its self, a great oppertunity to soak up the sun and look out for pods of dolphins, flying fish, and humpback whales cruising by.

Arrive at the island and snorkel off the beach, enjoy the crystal clear waters and the amazing abundance of hard and soft corals.  Take a SUP and paddle around, or just soak up the rays.  Finish off the morning with a picnic lunch and a walk around the island.  As Vatu-i-ra is a pest free zone, there is a large amount of sea birds that use the island as a nesting ground, perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers!

When you've had enough of relaxing on your personal deserted tropical island, jump back on the boat and enjoy a drink on your way back to civilisation.