Dive the best spots in Fiji -  Vatu I Ra Passage

Clown Fish in anemone

Diving at Safari Lodge Divers offers the opportunity to access pristine dive sights in Vatu-I-Ra passage. With water temperatures at a balmy 28 degrees, diving is avaliable all year round and is even possible without a wetsuit!

Vatu-I-Ra passage - World Class Fiji Diving Location!

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Depth: 30m

Visibility: 15-50m

Know and named for it's profusions of soft yellow coral and varieties of tropical fish, the Mellow Yellow dive site is a favourite among divers in the Vatu-I-Ra region.


Depth: 45m

Visibility: 15-50m

Twin towers or coral rising out of the sea bed provide an anchor for the wheat coloured soft corals and anemones giving Wheatfield it's name. Be prepared to see an incredible profusion of soft corals, billions of orange and pink fish, schools of barracuda and the occasional reef shark cruising the perimeter of the bommies.

Come and see these dive sites and many more in beautiful Fiji!

Padi & Naui diving Fiji.  Come and vacation where the diving is world class and paradise is all around.  Safari lodge has direct access to the best dive spots in Fiji.