Fiji Sailing Adventure Tours



At Safari Lodge we offer 3 Sailing Adventure Packages:

7 Day Sailing Adventure:  Explore the surrounding waters of the Bligh Passage, Viti Levu Bay, inner and outer reefs and amazing islands in the local area.  Be ready for 5 full days of sailing, starting with 2 nights at Safari Lodge to get you introduced to the boat and the relaxing Fijian culture.  Whilst on the Cat, lay your bed on the trampolines and sleep under the stars as the cool breeze wafts over you, if you prefer to sleep underneath the hulls have space for 4 single beds (or double if your on your honeymoon!) or if you'd prefer to sleep on land, we can provide you with a traditional Fijian experiance in a village along the way.  The 7 Day Adventure allows you plenty of time to cruize around the beautiful waters of the area and discover the amazing ocean life.

3 Day Sailing Adventure:  For those that dont have the time for a whole week off, a 3 Day Sailing Adventure is perfect to experiance sleeping on the water and cruizing around the tropical waters of Fiji.  3 days of sailing still allows plenty of time to explore deserted beaches, snorkel crystal clear waters and watch the sun set over the ocean.

1 Day Sailing Adventure:  A snapshot tour of our local area, this adventure departs daily for a full day of sailing, exploring and relaxing.  Great for anyone who hasn't experianced sailing before, or if you are just short of time!  Experiance the serenity of sailing crystal clear waters and the excitement of steering at the helm.