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The Best Windsurfing Holiday in Fiji


Join Warren Frances - National Development Coach for the Australian Windsurfing Academy - for an instructional sailboarding safari to Fiji this winter.

The island provides a great deal of potential for sailboarding irrespective of the wind direction. The peak April - January period has been selected for the consistent warm trade winds.  The other months of the year, the winds are usually not as strong but still good for Windsurfing.

You'll enjoy the best of Fiji's sun-drenched beaches, crystal clear waters, warm 15-30 knot sea breezes and personal instruction for all levels.

All levels are catered for, from complete beginners to expert master blasters and freestyle aces.

Arrive at the airport, be whisked away in the Safari Lodge vans and arrive on an island paradise! Safari Lodge provides the complete service, airport to airport, ensuring your Holiday plans go smoothly and you spend more time relaxing and enjoying your Holiday and not worrying about fine details! We offer a package including Airport Transfers, Island Transfers, Accommodation, Meal Package, Windsurfing Instruction & Equipment (optional).

Sailboarding - the ultimate in freedom - the ultimate challenge - even when you're relaxing on holiday! blonde british lesbian sex